Mountain States Environmental Services

Mountain States Environmental Services, Inc. (MSES) is a comprehensive hazardous and industrial waste management service. MSES is committed to regulatory excellence and full compliance of all our customers, large and small.  At MSES, we accomplish this along with providing service that is unequaled in the industry. 



  1.  What do you dispose of?

    Generally speaking, we dispose of RCRA Hazardous, TSCA Hazardous, and industrial wastes.  We also get involved in explosives, radioactives (including NORM and TENORM), and biologically hazardous wastes.

  2.  Do you recycle?

    Yes!  We recycle universal wastes (batteries, fluorescent and mercury lamps, and electronic waste, etc.).  We also recycle fuels blending materials (greases, oils, and solvents).  We also can recycle / regenerate catalysts.

  3.  Where do you dispose of the waste?

    The disposal sites we use are dependent upon location, type of waste, pricing, and having a clean background audit.  MSES chooses to use larger, reputable firms that are heavily insured. For more information, please click on the Contact Us tab.

  4.  What do I have to do to have MSES come remove my waste?

    We will gather some very basic information about your company or site and some specific information about the type of waste you have.  A profile form is the start of the acceptance process.  We can assist you in filling out profiles, gathering samples, and finding any information that may be necessary to properly characterize and remove your waste.  MSES will take care of your needs turnkey from identification to labeling to shipping and disposal.


  1.  How much does it cost for you to remove our waste?

    Pricing is based upon 4 criteria:

    1. Type of waste
    2. Disposal / treatment required
    3. Location
    4. Volume of waste

    Provide us with the necessary information, and we can quote you pricing for disposal and transportation.

  2.  How much does it cost for you to identify our waste?

    In many cases, identification costs you nothing.  Occasionally, lab analytical or haz-cat services are required.  Lab analytical will be quoted on a case by case basis.  Haz-cat services generally cost $95 per hour, per technician, including travel time.  Haz-cat services can sometimes greatly reduce costs by eliminating unnecessary lab sampling and analytical.


  1.  What kind of training do you have?

    All of our employees are trained in the following fields:

    • 40 hours+ HAZWOPER
    • 24 hours+ MSHA for work at mines
    • 10 hour OSHA General Industry
    • DOT Hazardous Materials Transportation
    • RCRA Hazardous Waste Management
    • TSCA Hazardous Waste Management
    • Universal Waste Handling
    • Electronic Waste Handling
    • Lab Packing chemicals
  2.  Are you certified for waste disposal?

    Certification is not necessary for what we do.  However, the disposal sites that we send materials to and the transporters that ship it are licensed, bonded, and registered to comply with federal, state, and local regulations.  MSES has insurance above and beyond the transporter and disposal sites to cover pollution liabilities and engineering omissions.

  3.  What kind of experience do you have with waste?

    MSES has 65+ years combined experience in all aspects of hazardous waste and non hazardous waste disposal, transportation, packaging, remediation, sampling, and handling.  We are a premier broker of wastes in the entire U.S.  Our track record is impeccable with zero fines or citations.